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Read First - Parent Conferences

Parent Conferences are currently scheduled for November 16th and November 20th from 6-8 pm.

Each family will have the opportunity to meet with two of your child’s team teachers. Any family that schedules a meeting with both pairs of teachers will have one of the conferences canceled. We would like to see as many families as possible.

In addition to meeting with your child's Team teachers, we encourage families to schedule a time to meet with some of your child’s off-team teachers such as PE, Music, CTE, STEM, Reading or Math Interventionist, or other teachers your child may have on their schedule.

Please call the school if you have any questions or are having difficulty scheduling a time to meet with your child’s teachers.

Principal Douglas Cucchiarelli

Assistant Principal, Victoria Sargeant

Team Purple Conference Sign Up


Team Purple Slot 1  or  Team Purple Slot 2 (Choose only one.)

Guerriero, Math Bonitatibus, Science
O'Rourke, Social Studies
Dunigan, L.A. Liberti, Special Education

Team Pink Conference Sign Up


Team Pink Slot 1 or Team Pink Slot 2 (Choose only one.)


Swiatek, L.A. Komornik, Math Birden, Social Studies Gilson, Science Epstein, Special Ed.

Team Orange Conference Sign Up


Team Orange Slot 1 or Team Orange Slot 2 (Choose only one.)

Smith, Math Guerra, L.A. Gura, Social Studies Rudman, Science  Cartelli, Special Ed.

Team Blue Conference Sign Up


Team Blue Slot 1 or Team Blue Slot 2 (Choose only one.)

Menard, L.A. Jarvie, Math Burke, Social Studies Plikaitis, Science Corkery, Special Ed.

Team Gold Conference Sign Up


Team Gold Slot 1 or Team Gold Slot 2 (Choose only one.)

Tartaglia, L.A.  Benavides, Science Stowe, Social Studies Mizak, Math Heidtmann, Special Ed.

Team Gray Conference Sign Up


Team Gray Slot 1 or Team Gray Slot 2 (Choose only one.)

Ciszkowski, L.A. Pinto, Social Studies Roben, Math McNeil, Science Danielski, Special Ed.

Team Green Conference Sign Up


Team Green Slot 1 or Team Green Slot 2 (Choose only one.)

Special Education Maffucci 

Tucker, Social Studies Wolf, Science Albright, Math Lindsey, L.A. Maffucci, Special Ed.

Team Teal Conference Sign Up


Team Teal Slot 1 or Team Teal Slot 2 (Choose only one.)

Nigretti, L.A. Debe, Science Monaco, Social Studies Carneiro-Dias, Math Russell, Special Ed.


Vancil, CTE and Math

DiMauro, Intro to CTE & Business Tech

Watt, Tiered Math Intervention and Accelerated 7 Math

Swercewski, Inventor's Lab, Intro to STEM, Science

Sudak, Band, String Ensemble, General Music

Rahn, Reading SIS and Tiered LA Intervention

Malerba, Special Education

Moran, Tiered Math Intervention and Accelerated 7 Math

Maksymiw, Spanish


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Donovan, Spanish

Cairo, Italian

Michaels, TESOL

Yamnicky, Agriscience and Intro to STEM

Urban, Art

Williams, Video Game Design, Automation & Robotics, Intro to STEM

Epstein, Special Education (Pink/Gold)

Acampora, PE

Sedlock, PE

Sedlock, PE

Egan, Library Media

Glidden, Speech/Lang. Pathologist

Troy, Speech/Lang. Pathologist

Rooney, Choir, Intro to Music