Art Club Half-year

In this club you will explore different art techniques and media such as colored pencils, tie dye, silk painting, and watercolor. The members of this club will also have the opportunity to participate in various art contests.

Ballroom Dancing

Music in Motion ballroom dance club offers classes in various dances such as Salsa, Cha-cha, Bachata, Swing, Tango and many more. Ballroom dancing helps develop discipline, confidence, communication skills and of course, it is a ton of fun!

Band --FULL YEAR--Band students only

The SIS Viking Band performs throughout the school year at concerts, festivals and parades. We go to Lake Compounce every year! The band is open to any student who plays one of the following instruments: Flute -Piccolo –Clarinet –Bass Clarinet -Oboe –Bassoon –Saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor and baritone) –French Horn –Trumpet –Euphonium (baritone) –Trombone –Tuba –Bass –Percussion. Students must be able to read music and have at least one year of experience playing in band either at Perry Hill or in another school district. ALL STUDENTS WHO ARE CURRENTLY IN BAND FOR THEIR ELECTIVE, MUST SIGN UP FOR THIS FLEX CLUB.

Beautification & Recycling Club
- Full Year

Students will help to collect and dump recycling during ATT time as well as help to beautify the inside and outside of the school building.

Best Buddies--FULL YEAR

Best Buddies is an international organization dedicated to establishing one-to-one friendships among students with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities. Buddy pairs are required to have weekly contact with each other outside of school and attend meetings during Flex. We will have a variety of after school activities as well throughout the year such as, going to SIS sporting events, bowling, and mini golf to name a few. See Mrs. Birden or Miss Miller for more information.

Board Games Club--Half Year

What's your favorite board game? Monopoly? Perfection? Battleship? Taboo? We've got them all! Sign up for Board Games club to face off against your friends and learn some new games too! Feel free to bring in some favorites to teach others. Relive childhood favorites and get up to speed on the newest games while engaging in some friendly competition. You'll be anything but BORED! We hope to see you there :)

Book or the Movie Club--Half year

Books are often adapted into film. In The Book or the Movie club, we will watch various books that have been made into movies. We will discuss how closely the movie follows the events of the book, how well the actors portrayed the characters, and ultimately, which was better, the book or the movie?

Car Club--Half Year

From classics to tuners, this club will explore the automobile from the very beginning to now. Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, Toyotas, Mazda, Nissan, Vipers, Chevelles, and Road Runners will be studied for their style and speed. We’ll take a look at racing through the eyes of some of the best drivers in NASCAR & NHRA Drag Racing.

Card Game Club-half year

Can't get enough of card games? This is the club for you! Join to play Uno, Magic, Rummy, or whatever other card game you prefer. Come have a great time socializing with your friends and playing card games every FLEX period.

Color Guard--FULL YEAR

Learn to spin flag, work as a team, perform and feel comfortable in front of a crowd. Students learn basic technique for spinning a flag. They may choose to represent the school in the Memorial Day Parade only or, in the winter, join a performance group that practices at SHS Mondays, Wednesdays, & Saturdays from Nov.-April. This group travels to area schools to compete against other Winter Guard groups. Students in this group will continue to learn & possibly spin a rifle & sabre!

Coloring and Word Search Club (and a little drama...)--half year

Do you like to color? Do you enjoy word search puzzles? How about a little bit of both? If you want to relax and enjoy some word searching or color blending, join the Coloring and Word Search Club!
Everything you need will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own supplies as well. Additionally, we will provide support to the Drama Club, by helping design and build scenery and props for their spring production!

Community Choir--FULL YEAR

FULL YEAR CLUB Community Choir is for students in Jazz Choir as well as people who could not fit Jazz Choir into their schedules. If you like to be in the spotlight, center stage, sing, dance, and be theatrical then this is the club for you. Have fun with your friends at “Music in the Parks” Competition performing against other schools at Lake Compounce. Also, if you are a musician and would like an opportunity to play, join the Community Choir as an accompanist.

Computer Club--Half-year

Computer Club members are given the opportunity to try a variety of software programs available on the school network and to explore the Internet. Internet games that are available to the students are mainly educational games that the district has deemed appropriate for them to have access to. Games such as Fun Brain, Math Playground, and National Geographic Games that combine aspects of language arts, math, and problem solving skills are encouraged. Members are also encouraged to bring any outstanding projects or assignments that they could work on. The goal is to offer entertaining and educational activities to club members in a relaxed, social setting.

Crochet & Knitting Club- half year

Student will learn how to crochet and we will work on projects together. Students can make blankets, hats, and scarves that we can donate to cancer patients or homeless shelters or may make projects of their choice. Students may also knit if they know how. Students will eventually need their own hook and yarn.

Cyber Robotics Coding Competition-HALF YEAR

The Cyber Robotics Coding Competition (CRCC) is a program that provides middle school-aged students with the opportunity to learn how robots work, build coding-robotics skills of real or virtual 3D robots—and expand their knowledge of STEM careers — during an interactive, fun, and exciting online competition that culminates in a live, in-person experience. No prior coding or robotics knowledge needed. CRCC is self-directed and each student can progress at their own pace. Real-time guidance and hints help you learn to code virtual robots, and gamified mission simulations motivate your learning. NO PRIOR CODING OR ROBOTICS KNOWLEDGE NECESSARY!

Door Decorating Club--Full year

In this club, we will design and create dazzling decorations that can be displayed on classroom doors throughout the school building. We will make door decorations based on seasons of the year, holidays, or customize them to fit a teacher's subject or interest. We will take requests from teachers who would like us to "bling out" their door in a creative and fun way. We will have a variety of materials available for students to use including bulletin board paper, cut out letters, paint, scissors, glue, glitter, etc. If you like arts and crafts and are excited about adding a decorative touch to a classroom door, then this is the club for you!

Dungeons & Dragons Club -- full year--must fill out an application

The classic role-playing game returns for another year, but this time with a twist! You can still create a fantastic hero and experience a world built around your imagination...OR you can choose to embark on the quick paced exciting game of Munchkin! Work with teammates or against them to collect treasure and become champion! Please see Mr. Monaco for an application - experience is not a prerequisite!

ESPN Club--half year

In this club you will have the opportunity to talk about sports, watch highlights and sports-related movies. The members of this club will also get a chance to be active and engage in sports, such as basketball, in an open gym style activity.

Field Hockey Club-1/2 year

Girls, are you looking for an exciting new sport?  Try field hockey!! Come and learn about the basic rules and skills of the game.  No experience is necessary.  Equipment will be provided.

GSA Club

GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance)
A club that will bring together LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning or Queer) and straight students to support each other, provide a safe place to socialize, and create a safe and LGBTQ- inclusive school. Students will design school activities to bring awareness to National Events, such as Day of Silence, National Bullying Prevention Week, Ally Week and No Name Calling Week.

History Through Film--Half-year

Movies are fun! We all love to go see a good movie, and history provides us with some of the most thrilling and compelling story lines. But sometimes movies can portray events in history inaccurately. When this is the only reference to history people have, however, these movies can hurt instead of help. Is it important that movies portray history accurately or is it more important that movies be entertaining? Can movies distort people's view of history? In this club, we will look at many different movies based on or surrounding historical events. Together we will discuss how accurate the movie was, and if the changes made to the actual story were a good or bad idea. We will discuss the positive and negative effects the movie may have on our society as a whole and see if it distorts or helps our view of history.

Horticulture, PLARN and Macramé Club--Half year

Looking for a group of dedicated students interested in engineering, art and/or science willing and able to verbally collaborate and physically work together. If you want to learn more about gardening, plants, investigate and implement methods to reduce plastic waste from entering the ecosystem and dabble in macramé then this is the club for you. We will use various SIS and personal experiences and resources to drive the direction of this club; lots of collaboration required. We will meet both indoors and outdoors where we will learn from each other. We will design and create. There will be an emphasis towards design and production of "special" water resistant mats for homeless living outside of shelters.

Kindness & Crafts Full year, fill out application

If you like to perform kind acts for others and also enjoy arts & crafts & nature then this club is for you! This club performs acts of kindness for the school and for the community and has fun doing it. Last year we put encouraging notes in students' lockers, we made Valentines for a nursing home, we wrote thank you letters to veterans, we made posters for the Geography Bee winners and we decorated team areas for different seasons among other projects! We like to socialize, listen to music and occasionally enjoy some delicious snacks during our club meetings. We are looking for kind students who like to spread joy. Please get an application from Mr. Rudman or Mrs. Burke or in the SRC.

Kindness Rock Painting Club--Half-year

Kindness Rock Painting Club: Join us to spread a little kindness and cheer throughout the town. In this club, we will paint rocks with inspirational quotes, messages, pictures, and symbols; we will share them by placing each rock out in our community. Throughout this process, our goal is to brighten someone's day and to add beauty and creativity to our environment! :)

Paint By Numbers Club--Half Year

Are you someone who really enjoys painting, but are not artistically inclined enough to create magnificence from a blank canvas? If so, this is the club for you! Create beautiful masterpieces with a little help from the numbers. You will need to bring your own paint-by-numbers kit with you to participate in the club. These kits can be purchased online or at any arts & crafts store. (ex. Michael’s or JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store)

Photography Club--Full Year----must fill out an application

Say Cheese! Want the opportunity to learn how to take pictures not using a cell phone? Learn how to take still life pictures, portraits, landscape and many more types. Explore the area surrounding SIS and find a different way to look at it and take a picture. Let's see if you have the eye for taking pictures. Please see Mrs. Albright or Mrs. Smith for an application.

Reading for Fun Club- FULL YEAR

Reading should be fun and this club will help make that happen. Enjoy reading a JRB in a quiet classroom with comfy chairs and couches. Home-baked snacks each week will be offered as you take time to relax with a good book. Please join us in Mrs. Zhitomi's Room 231 if this club is for you!

Relaxation Club--(1/2 year club)
(Meditation and Relaxation Strategies)

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed with homework, school, friends, and/or extracurricular activities? Then this club is for you! This hour will serve as time to relax, de-stress, and help activate your mind. Forget all your worries while you meditate, participate in relaxation activities, or learn relaxation strategies to use outside of this club! Soon enough you'll have less stress, better sleeping habits, and a happier lifestyle. Get ready to meet new friends and feel relaxed!!!

SIS Viking Digital Newspaper--FULL YEAR----must fill out an application

How's your web presence? Become a voice for Shelton Intermediate School and exercise your First Amendment rights while learning about the basics of Journalism and Creative Writing. The SIS Viking, Shelton Intermediate's digital newspaper, is looking for future writers of the on-line media generation interested in writing creatively and about activities, news stories, sports, music, and entertainment. This website building club will develop an on-line publication that showcases a variety of student writing. As a club member, you will have the opportunity to help in all aspects of digital newspaper -- writing, editing, video, evaluating, and publishing. Parent permission and accepted application required for member.

Sports Through Film

Students will watch a sports film that uses athletics as the theme of the movie. They will view a movie about a sporting event, team, or athlete prominently featured in the plot. Students will then discuss the significance of the film.

Stemovation Design and build

In this club, you will be presented with a design challenge. We will work together to create a solution that you will actually get to build using real tools! If you have an interest in solving problems, designing and building things, woodworking, and making, this club needs you!

Teen Corp--FULL YEAR

FULL-YEAR CLUB--(Prefer 2 reps/team) Teen Corp works to benefit the community and is open to 7th and 8th grade students. Participation in Teen Corp can be used towards community service hours for scouting or religion classes. Teen CORP students take on the leadership role by first identifying needs within the community and then planning to address those needs. Teen Corp begins each school year by sponsoring a week-long series of events to benefit "Valley Goes Pink" in October. Teen CORP also manages the SIS Food Bank. From organizing food donation events to stocking the food pantry shelves, our students take the lead.

Teens and Teachers in the Media- Half Year

We will be exploring movies and television shows that depict teenagers and teachers. We will discuss whether or not we feel these representations are accurate portrayals of what life is really like for teenagers, as well as identifying recurring themes that we see in young adult media. This club will give us the opportunity to watch some great films while trying to find characters that are similar to ourselves.

The Picaroon

Half-Year: Shelton Intermediate School's online & in-print literary magazine. Writers will learn different forms of poetry and prose and create work for our annual issue, published in the Spring. Artists are welcome and will be given prompts to draw or sketch a piece of art that is appropriate for our current theme. Visit our site at https://issuu.com/thepicaroonsis/docs/the_picaroon_volume_ii_issue_i_2018 or come see a printed copy.

Trivia Challenge-- Half-year

If you participate in Trivia Challenge, you will have the opportunity to face off against other teams to showcase your knowledge on a wide range of topics. Are you a sports fan? There's a spot for you! Music obsessed? Perfect! Expert on the capitals of the countries in Europe! Even better! No matter your interest, you can help your team to victory. We will play several timed rounds throughout the hour with the winning team earning a prize. Get ready for TRIVIA CHALLENGE! 1/2 year club

Viking Sport and Fitness Club

Students will participate in a variety of sports, games, and fitness related activities including strength building, agility and speed improvement, team sports, racquet sports, and playground games. This will provide participants with a competitive yet fun way to obtain more physical activity in their day and improve on their overall health

Walking Club--half-year

Students will actively participate in a brisk 1-1.5 mile walk around the beautiful SIS/SHS campus. Students must wear proper footwear (sneakers), and outer garments (jackets, gloves, etc.) appropriate for the weather. During inclement weather, students will walk indoors. Parental Permission Slip Required

Yearbook--FULL YEAR----must fill out an application

Students will use their creativity to produce a creative, innovative yearbook which records school memories and events. They will complete layouts and take pictures to highlight the 2018-2019 school year.

Youth-to-Youth-- FULL YEAR

Peer Advocate- A youth who, through community service and representing others, tries to improve their community and spread awareness about important issues while maintaining a positive and helpful attitude.

The Four Components of Youth 2 Youth

Information and Education

Info- delivers life skills information such as peer pressure, bullying, self-esteem, stress management and current alcohol, tobacco and other drug information to kids in a way that is relevant and fun.

Personal Growth

During personal growth meetings all participants are given the opportunity to explore and discuss a wide range of issues. Other structural elements, encourage healthy relationship development with peers.

Environmental Change/Community Action:

Peer leadership and addressing school /community needs.

Youth- led community projects develop leadership and commitment to a project or goal, as well as give teens an opportunity to play an important role in impacting their community for change.

Drug Free Fun

Social time provide healthy and drug free alternatives for teens to socialize and interact in an exciting and safe environment.

Zen Coloring & Drawing Club--half year

If you’re a student that loves to draw or color to relax, then join us! In this club you can draw/color your own picture or designs or choose from different printed designs, quotes, or pictures while listening to relaxing music and learning about different strategies to relax and relieve stress to use at school and/or home.