Frequently Asked Questions about Shelton Intermediate School:


1.  Will my student get a supply list for school?


Yes.  A recommended supply list for each team is available at the Student Orientation scheduled on August 18th or you may pick one up after that date in the Main Office.


2.  If I sign up for looping, is it guaranteed that I will be placed on a looping team?


 No.  Although looping is an elective option for everyone to select, SIS is not staffed to provide every elective choice for every team.  Therefore, the chosen academic program takes priority over looping.


3.  What happens if i signed-up for looping and did not get looping?


Like all electives, students may choose as many electives as they are allowed, but not all electives are guaranteed.  Looping is an elective.  When scheduling, the computer attempts to fulfill as many requests as the student has selected.  Priority always goes to required academic programs (i.e. - special education requirements, 504 accommodations, enrichment, and match placements).  Once required programs have been satisfied, the computer system will fill a student's schedule with elective requests.  Our goal is to satisfy as many required courses and as many electives that a student requests.  This will result in providing students with the majority of requests that they have selected, but not guarantee that they will receive all requested electives.


4.  Why did I not get the elective choices I thought I would get?


 When students select their electives, they are allowed to select 4 choices for 2 slots.  Our effort is to attempt to provide each student with two of their four choices.  In this past 2015 budget session, the City of Shelton did not fully fund the BOE budget.  As a result of that decision, the BOE cut teaching positions throughout Shelton with 1.5 teaching positions specifically at SIS both of which were elective positions.  As a result of these cuts, SIS cannot run two courses that were expected to run in the 2015-2016 school year.  This will have a direct effect on student elective choices and team placements


5.  What is heterogeneous grouping?


Most classes at SIS are grouped heterogeneously.  This means that students are grouped together regardless of ability level.  Teachers will be able to differentiate their instructional strategies to meet each student's individual needs.  Because of this system, students will not be in the same group for the entire day, but rather will meet with a different group of peers each period.


6.  What classes are homogeneously grouped?


Only Algebra classes are grouped according to skill level.


7.  When does school begin?


There is a new start time beginning 2016, the student may enter the building on first bell at 7:50 A.M. Students have until the 8:05 bell to get to their homeroom class.  Students who are not in homeroom by 8:05 will be marked tardy unless arriving on a late bus. 


8.  How do I get lunch?


Students may purchase hot lunch or they may purchase a-la-carte items, including milk.  The Point of Sale program will continue to be used.  Students bring in checks before school and drop them off in the cafeteria at the appropriate receptacle.  Students' names must be on the envelope and then credit will be assigned into the cafeteria computer system.  Students will sit at tables assigned to them by their teacher.  Tables must be left neat and clean when lunch is finished.  You can find menus and forms at our lunch program website.


9.  Where can I find bus information?


Students are encouraged to ride the bus to and from school whenever possible.  Students must take the bus assigned to them by the school system and will not be allowed to go home on a classmate's bus.  Bus routes have been listed on the Shelton Public Schools transportation website.


10.  What is the "Looping Team"?


TEAM Inspiration, Kindness, Unity, Acceptance, and Perseverance are looping.  Seventh-grade students in these teams have the option of staying in their teams for eighth grade.  This allows the students, parents, and teachers to form a bond and familiarity with one another.  Parents may opt out of looping at the end of seventh grade.


11.  Where can I get my user name and password for the Infinite Campus Parent Portal?


Please refer to the Shelton Public Schools website for Parent Portal access information


12.  How will my child be transported to school?


There are no walkers at Shelton Intermediate School.  Students are not allowed to walk to or from school at any time.



Students should not be dropped off at school prior to 7:50 A.M. unless they are attending daily breakfast, which begins at 7:45.  Teacher supervision begins in the main lobby at 7:50 when the first bell sounds for students to proceed directly to homeroom.  Students driven to school in the morning must be dropped off in the designated student drop-off area at the south side of the school.  Autos are not to enter the bus loop or interfere with buses entering the bus chute areas during morning drop off or afternoon pick-up.  The drop off area at the south side of the building is also used for pick-up at the end of the day.  **Reminder:  Students who are not in homeroom by 8:05 will be marked tardy per school policy.



Shelton Board of Education policy clearly states that students will ride their assigned school buses and use their assigned bus stops on a daily basis.


Students are not allowed to ride a bus other than their own.


However, we recognize that a family emergency or child care concerns may require that a child be occasionally transported to another household.  In such an instance, notes from the sending parent/guardian and from the accepting parent/guardian must be brought to the Student Resource Center on the second floor.  There are no exceptions to this procedure.  Notes will be authorized by the Housemaster and a pass given to the student.  The pass should be presented to the bus driver.

School bus transportation cannot be used by students for social purposes, completion of project, or other out-of-school activities, but only for emergency child care situations.  No more than one student or siblings will be allowed to travel on another student’s bus for any reason.


13.  What is SIS Period?


SIS is our tiered intervention period.  Students are given added instruction based on their individual needs.  Tier 3 students receive the most intensive interventions in Math and Reading.  Math instruction is based on the areas in which the students need extra practice based on their common formative assessment scores.  Reading instruction will be delivered using the Read 180 program, in which the students receive instruction at their individual level to improve fluency and comprehension.  Tier 2 students require less intensive instruction, but it is again tailored to their individual needs and is delivered by the team teachers.  Students who do not require intervention will receive instruction that supports their current studies and adds to their skill banks.  For example, students might be taught to research a topic and write a research paper or extension activities that add to their understanding of a science topic.



Created on 12/13/2013 - Last updated on 8/22/2015