School Closings/Dismissals/Delays  


If bad weather or a school emergency forces the cancellation of school for the day or a change in opening time, the announcements will be made on the following radio stations: WPOP, WPLR, WCCC, WKSS, WKCI, WICC, WNHC, WELI, WEZN, WEBE as well as the TV channels WTNH(8) and WVIT(30) or check these sites for the latest information.


-on this site you can register for automatic emails to be sent to you when school is cancelled


Cancellation or delay information will be sent to the radio station before 6:00 AM.  A delayed opening is called to allow more time to judge weather conditions.  A delayed opening may become a cancellation, so please keep listening to the radio.  Students and parents are asked not to call the school or radio stations.  These phone lines must be kept open for emergencies.




Created on 12/13/2013 - Last updated on 12/13/2013